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Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for Students


Students from low-income families should have free access to higher education. 


Mass shootings will never be justified by psychological issues. It is more important to follow one's comfort level than fashion. Proudly flaunting expensive possessions demonstrates immorality. 


The tax rate on the wealthy should be doubled. 


Mental health counseling for college students should be provided regularly. 


Background music in classrooms can help students focus on learning more effectively. 


Should athletes be compensated less? 


Cell phones should not be permitted in the classroom. 


After high school, people should not be allowed to change their names.


Car racing should be prohibited in high-pollution areas.


Women's sexist images should be prohibited. 


Smokers should be treated similarly to drug addicts.


What age should a voter be required to be? 


Why should school meals be provided for free? 


Why invading North Korea is a bad idea.


Students who use drugs are severely punished.


Addictive personalities have emerged among today's youth. 


Religious debates should not be permitted in schools.


Students should be able to speak at least three foreign languages.


Writing research papers is a more effective way of learning than taking tests.


In the United States, violent video games should be prohibited.


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Law and Politics Persuasive Speech Topics


Charities are used to convert black money into white money. 


Detaining people on suspicion of terrorism is legal. 


Military service should not be required. 


Physician-assisted suicide should be considered a crime. 


Offenders who commit violent crimes should be sentenced to death. 


Illegal immigrants should be deported immediately. 


Foreigners should not be permitted to purchase the property. 


Surveillance should not jeopardize citizens' privacy. 


Rapists and pedophiles should be hanged right away.


Protesters should be punished for burning sketches and flags.


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Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Business


Why should businesses conduct market research on their target demographics? 


How do social media advertising strategies work? 


How do you start a business with little money? 


Why wouldn't you do business with a family member? 


Why are introverts, good leaders? 


Why is it necessary for the HR department to be courteous and understanding? 


Why should sales and customer service departments be compensated more? 


What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? 


What factors contribute to the success and profitability of small businesses? 


How do you conduct a business analysis before starting a new venture?


Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics


The use of animals in drug testing is required to ensure human safety. 


Cosmetic surgery should be outlawed because it is an unhealthy obsession. 


Human behavior is a result of society rather than nature. 


The death penalty is the only way to reduce societal crime.


The legal drinking, driving, and voting age should be raised to eighteen. 


Today's economy is riddled with corruption and bribery. 


Do you believe that immigration laws should be updated? 


Discrimination based on hair color or style in the workplace. 


Hate speech should be protected under the law, according to the U.S. Constitution. 


Regulations concerning the use of safety devices


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Health Persuasive Speech Topics


Organic foods are beneficial to one's health. 


To protect ourselves, we should avoid junk food. 


A morning walk is beneficial to one's health. 


A healthy diet has many positive effects on the health of the mind. 


College cafeterias should only serve healthy foods. 


Alcohol and tobacco products are harmful to one's health. 


Cigarette smokers are more likely to die young. 


Animal testing for medical research should be made legal. 


The incredible benefits of eating a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits regularly. 


Why is dieting a bad way to lose weight?


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